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2014-12-12Mammoth Mountain Yay!!
Got to #Mammothmountain late last night and it's been #snowing. Today on chair 1 at the main lodge. 
 " Love in it !!!!!#mammoth395 #mammothstories Nobody is here. Got the place to myself. No lines, no crowds, it's bitchin!
Dave S. Oregan

2014-12-03Mammoth Snow Day
Made it up to Mammoth for the first big snow dump (called in sick). Came across this serene and peaceful scene. I might just be sick for a few more days, LOL.

John Smith (fake name don't want my boss to know)   San Diego, CA

#mammoth395 #mammothmountain #mammothsnowconditions

2014-12-04My Daughter caught a deer
"Hey Mammoth Rental by Owner! Thanks for the great cabin this past weekend. Went up for Opening Day, had a blast. Even with the dusting on the Mountain and the really cold nights, the deer were still out and about. Check out this picture my daughter took on her phone. She is 12 (yes, too young for a phone, I know) but a great experience for her, right in our own backyard, off the deck! This little deer was just cruising around.  Pretty awesome!  Looking forward to more days in Mammoth this Winter!!
#mammothlakes #mammothmountain #mammothdeer
Dave Bowers   Los Angeles

2014-10-22First Snow and I was there!
I was in Mammoth when the first snow fell this season and yes it melted away BUT I will be here on the mountain in Mammoth on opening day on November 13. See ya!

Charlie Boyd     Ventura, CA

Dark #beautifulclouds in #Mammoth. Looking like #elnino. Can't wait to
go #snowboarding in #mammothlakes Get ready here I came #mammothmountain

Joey Tribiani Hollywood, Ca

2014-09-19Mommy and Me
My son and I took a "Mommy and me" trip to #Mammoth last weekend, and it was wonderful! We had a great time, the weather was absolutely amazing, some of the leaves were turning already, and the #Mammothtown was so peaceful! Thanks for the awesome recommendation on the #mammothcabin, it was perfect for just the 2 of us.  After a couple hours of #fishinginmammoth up at #Lake George (this picture is him in Daddy's tackle jacket) and pizza for lunch at #Giovanni's we, were able to relax by the pool, swim and even met some new friends. Our next trip to #Mammoth will be in December for the #holidays, with the whole family...can't wait! Kristina & Kyle from Laguna Beach, CA

  #mammoth395 #eatatgiovannis #lakegeaorge #mylilfisherman #mammothfun

2014-12-03Bodie the biggest Ghost town in the West
I just saw Jules and Becky's post about Bodie. Looking at the pictures and the weather looks like were there about the same time. I was surprised how big Bodie is and all the building that are still standing. The history of Bodie is interesting too. This video I am sending is of the inside of the general store. They have some every cool old stuff.  I agree Bodie is a must see on your list of things to do when your visiting Mammoth Lakes.

Joyce Needlesman          Simi Valley, Ca
  #bodie #mammothstories #mammoth395

2014-08-26Buck Beauty
Hiking around Yosemite we came across these beautiful bucks. My husband and daughter tried seeking up on them (down wind of course). They got pretty close. Very awesome!

Stuart and Siena        Calabasas, Ca

#yosemitewildlife #mammoth395 #buck

2014-08-21Bodie. Boom or Bust
I saw the other post about Bodie and thought I would share our pictures of Bodie. It's really an interesting place. I would put in on the must visit list!

Lucy Tu       San Francisco, Ca

#bodie #mammothstories #mammoth395 #mammothfun

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2014-08-21Owens River Tubing what a fun way to cool off!
It's been hot during our visit in Mammoth and we were wondering what we could all do to cool off. Someone suggest we try tubing down the Owens River. We scrambles and rented some tubes  and find the best location and jumped in! The water was the perfect temperature. We must have floated down the meandering river for about 3 hours. It was so very relaxing, we laughed and talked, had water fights, tried to tip each over and the best part was the Owens River rope swing. We challenged each other to see who could jump out the furthest or do a flip. There were so many belly flops it was hysterical. This was one of the best afternoon I have ever spent doing nothing and having a lot of fun doing it. Thanks Mammoth395 for the suggestion it was a 5 star experience!

James Deckerson and family            San Diego, CA 

#owensriver #mammoth395 #mammothfun #mammothstories

2014-08-18San Andreas Fault
Hi there MammothRentalByOwer! Wanted to say thanks for the great Lodging accommodations  in Mammoth and an amazing opportunity to see what Mammoth is about. There was so much to see we just ran out of time and all of it was so interesting. One thing that stood out for me was the infamous San Andrea Fault. I think all of us living in SoCal know about the San Andreas Fault and how big it is and all the potential destruction it could bring the next time it were to shake, rattle and roll us. So the creepy part was being able to be up close to the San Andreas and then even  be able to walk for a brief distance in the fault it self. How weird is that? Standing on the on the edge of this massive fault that defines California made me feel so insignificant. This was a very humbling experience and cool at the same time. Go check out the San Andreas Fault up close and intimate it's quite the experience.

Vera Trancinni       Hermosa Beach, Ca

#sanandreasfault #mammoth395 #mammothstories

2014-08-26Mono Lake is definately not a Mono Experience
Anything but a mono experience definitely stereo. We ventured out yesterday to Mono lake. Never been there before but heard it was an interesting place to see. Mono Lake is about 45 minutes from Mammoth which was an easy drive (yay, no LA traffic). The story goes that apparently in 1941 the LADWP began diverting Mono Lake's tributary streams 250 miles south to meets Los Angeles thirsty need for water. What transpired was that Mono Lake was deprived of it's freshwater sources and so the volume of Mono Lake halved and so it's salinity doubled and as a result of the changing conditions in such a short period of time the ecosystem began to collapse.

To make a long story short a lot has happened since 1941 to try to restore the ecosystem and a lot of progress has been made but water levels are still low and this beautiful place has been changed for ever. 

Here are some cool facts I find out about Mono Lake:
Maximum = 159 feet. Average = 57 feet.

At least 760,000 years old and probably 1-3 million years; among the oldest lakes in North America.

4.3 million acre-feet at 6,417' asl (in 1941 before diversions)
3.1 million acre-feet at 6,392' asl (future stabilization level)
2.6 million acre-feet at 6,383' asl (2002 level)
2.1 million acre-feet at 6,372' asl (1982, lowest recorded level)

I would recommend seeing Mono Lake. It's like no place on earth! A must see are the Tufa's at Mono Lake. So strange looking you will think you are on the moon!

Lanie Trenton      San Fransisco, CA

#monolake #mammoth395 #mammothstories

2014-08-13Bodie Ghost Town
Wow, just got back from Bodie (ghost town). What an interesting place. It's hard to imagine people were living and working here in these harsh conditions without any of the modern conveniences we have now. I never would have made it without my Iphone, LOL!

Jules and Becky  Tarzana, CA

#Bodie #Mammothstories #Mammoth395 #Mammothfun

2014-07-21Mammoth Wild Flowers
 We just wanted to share these beautiful images of the wildflowers of the Eastern Sierras in Mammoth that we came across during our hike.  Diane Freestone  NY, NY

2014-07-18Oh Deer!

I had just parking my car and was getting ready to go on my hike. The day seemed so crystal clear. As I looked out into the forest the trees seemed unusually green and as my eye looked up at the sky I felt as if I could see forever and beyond. I can't explain how endless the sky seemed to appear. As my gaze came back to earth there before me appeared this beautiful deer,   so serene and tranquil,  so comfortable in the mountain setting in the Sierra's. I felt so luck to be sharing this moment in nature with the beautiful animal.

David Smithstein  Flagstaff, AZ

2014-06-27No man, woman, child or Roxy (dog) left behind!
Summer was rapidly approaching, which means we would soon embark on our annual trip to Mammoth.  My beautiful wife, Melanie, has difficulty saying no whether it be at work to her boss or to family and friends.  Consequently, she has been overworked and a bit stressed lately.  I wanted to do something special by taking over the planning for our trip.  I willingly admit without a moment's hesitation that I am forgetful and tend to procrastinate (the love of my life affectionately refers to me as the forgetful procrastinator).  This time it worked in my favor to mask what was sure to be an unforgettable surprise for her and the kids.  A week before our planned departure, I received a warm questioning of my progress followed by a stern warning and reminder from Melanie to secure a dog sitter.  I assured her that I would lock it down the next day.

Fast's Friday morning.  Bags loaded, wife in the passenger seat with our trusty travel (survival) kit of snacks, DVDs and games and kids harnessed in the back by safety belts with Roxy in my daughter's lap.  We’re finally off to Mammoth!  As I turn onto the freeway on ramp, my wife calmly asks "So honey, which dog sitter are we dropping Roxy off at?"  To which I smoothly reply, "I thought we'd put the kids in charge of Roxy this weekend.  You know, teach them some responsibility."  From the driver's seat I could almost feel my kids' ears perk up in the back, as well as Roxy's.  Trying to contain her own excitement, Melanie asks "What do you mean?"  To which I say, "Looks like your forgetful procrastinator was able to rent a pet friendly unit.  No man, woman, child or dog left behind.  Roxy is coming with us!"  Good thing my hands were at 10 and 2, because the eruption of pure joy that erupted was enough to shake our SUV.  A passerby would've thought I just won 'Father of the Year' honors.  Even if I didn't, it sure felt like I did.  The look of happiness, relief and relaxation on my wife's face was priceless.  It was a perfect start to a beautiful weekend and the beginning of a new tradition of family vacations that truly included the entire family.
                                                                                         -Rob Larson Orange County

2014-06-27Summer Night Sky in Mammoth
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this says it all!    Joan Raymonds  Bay Area

                      Bad Bear!!! Bad Bear!!!
It was just a few months ago, I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water when I saw out a large bear outside the kitchen slider. I just stood there thinking how scarey this brown bear was but also in the same moment admiring his massiveness,strength and beauty. Wow I was just steps away from the majestic animal. The moon glistened on his fur as his body swayed from side to side as he lumbered along. Then all of a sudden he sensed me looking at him. He stopped moving, turned his head and focused his eye directly on me, his breath steaming the glass on the door. I stopped breathing, I felt paralyzed  What would he do next now that he sees me? What should I do? My mind just started racing with a million thoughts going though it and none of which were coherent. Time stood still as my mind abandoned me  it this millisecond of need.Then all of a sudden I got the brilliant idea, as if recalling some piece of information I had read or heard on somewhere to clap my hands together as loud as possible and yell at the bear.......BAD BEAR!!!!! BAD BEAR!!!!!!! The air began returning to my lungs as I shouted at the bear, the adrenaline rushing through my veins and my legs shaking like a child's rattle. I really had no clue what the hell I was doing and if this was even what I was supposed to do.

The bear reciprocated by standing up on his hind legs towering at 9-10 feet (he actually looked  more like 50 feet to me) and throwing his front paws and his body at the glass slider repeatedly, shaking the walls of the condo and of course roaring!!!!!!!!!!!

For what seemed like forever, I stood there in shock. Frozen, breathless and in total disbelief that this was happening. Every muscle and nerve in my body was shaking as I was about the overdose on Adrenalin. Holy S***T!!!!!!!!! I couldn't even scream, no sound was coming out of my mouth, my legs were glued to the ground as I watched this massive animal roar and hurl itself at the glass slider as if trying to teach me a lesson. My mind kept saying " I got it, I got, now go away!!!!!!!!" Finally I was freed from the grips of the floor and my mouth uttered a "horror movie" blood curdling scream and I ran up stairs I don't even remember my feet touching the steps. The screaming that came from me would have won an Oscar for special effects but it worked I woke everyone up and nervously explained what was happening down stairs. Cautiously, we peeked down the stairs to the kitchen. All was silent! What? How could this be? As we all tentatively made our way down stairs in fear we would ran into my Brown Bear Nightmare we found nothing. Nothing! I tell you there was no sign of the bear! Its like he vanished. How could that be, he was so big, how could he move so fast? He was right there!!!!!

Sure enough he left a calling card for me his paw prints were smattered all over glass slider. He was just teaching me a lesson to back off and that he was not a "bad bear" and you know that I got it! I will always remember this night. The Mammoth Brown Bear and I meet in my high altitude experience which far surpasses any boarding I have done. I am grateful for this encounter and truly appreciate and respect this wild animal especially since he did not eat me!

Loreana S. Los Angeles

2014-06-27Summer vs Winter
Saddlebag Resort owner, Richard Ernst took us out for an ice-breaking first crossing of 2014 when we came across this magnificent moment in time. Summer vs Winter. The struggle for dominance in Mammoth.                             Karen B. Hermosa Beach


2014-05-09Perfect Spring in Mammoth!

We were in Mammoth in April expecting not to have a really great time boarding because snow has not been the best this year but we were just happy to be in Mammoth. I don't really care what the snow is doing or not doing I'm always glad to come to Mammoth. So, we were really surprised when we got to Mammoth on Friday and it was snowing and it snowed all night! It was awesome! The next day was perfect, just perfect. Not crowded, powder and blue skies. It was the perfect Spring trip to Mammoth!

Jason Deering and Friends    Manhatten Beach, CA                             Spring 2014 

2014-05-09My first day of Snowboarding
This was my first trip to Mammoth and I was going to try snow boarding.
I've skied for many years and thought snowboarding might me fun. Mammoth
is awesome and the snow was perfect. I can't believe I haven't been here before.
Anyway, the snow boarding as great, the day was perfect, the mountain was
uncrowded and I had the best time. I'm going back out tomorrow and try is 
again. Love you Mammoth Mountain!

Margie Blacksmith, Medford, OR

2014-06-13Group Activities in the Mammoth Area

Not everyone travels to Mammoth in groups of 25, but I am one person who co-leads a trip of high school students and chaperons to the area on a mountain biking trip during our school outdoor education week each fall.  Traveling with a group this size poses challenges, but I hope this recap will give you some ideas of what you can do in the area whether your group is 3-4 or larger like ours, there is plenty of fun stuff to do on and off your mountain bike!

The emphasis of our trip is mountain biking.  Here are my thoughts on some of the trails in the area.  Keep in mind that we pick trails to ride that are novice friendly, can handle a large group and take advantage of the scenery Mammoth Mountain has to offer! 

Probably my favorite ride of the trip is the Mountain View Trail.  It is a ride that includes both single track and wide dirt paths that meander through trees and beautiful meadows.  We started at the top of the trail near the Minaret Vista. For further adventure, you can continue all the way into town on more single track trails where speed and an easy slalom through trees makes it all worthwhile!

Another ride that I found to be fun and challenging was the 10 mile Inyo Craters Loop.  This was our first ride of the trip and tested our conditioning as well as ability to do the simple things changing gears, braking, spacing (large groups shouldn't ride side-by-side on dirt trails!) and dealing with different types of riding surfaces, hard packed dirt to soft pumice (pretty much sand!).  The trail is a jeep trail, so it's plenty wide for the novice rider.  Just watch out for the ATV's!

Finally, if you want views for miles and miles and the chance to ride through the Aspens, then you must head to Virginia Lakes and ride the dirt road from the top down to the bottom where the road meets up with Highway 395.  One plus about this particular ride is it's  pretty much all downhill and the only true uphill portion was aided by a strong tail wind!

While mountain biking was the primary focus of our trip, we also threw in some other activities.

About an hour outside of Mammoth is the Bodie State Historic Park.  If you've never been to a ghost town, this is one you have to see.  In a day and age where we are spoiled with the luxuries of modern life, air conditioning, microwaves, running water, cable television and internet access, imagine living in a structure that was made out of wood planks, had no insulation, no air conditioning, no heat and going to the bathroom meant walking outside to a nearby outhouse!  It was certainly a site to see and whether you see the trip as a walk down memory lane or a wakeup call to how good you have it at home, you will grow to respect the way people lived back in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Another hike we took with the group was to Rainbow Falls and the Devils Postpile.  Mother Nature does some amazing things and this certainly falls into that category.  You can spend at least half a day if not more in the area as there are plenty of hiking trails and things to see!

So whether you are planning to go mountain biking, hiking or sightseeing, there is plenty to do in the Mammoth area and I didn't even cover everything!

Ryan Katsuyama          Pasadena, CA                                                  Summer 08

2014-06-13The Mobile Mart

 Our family was in Mammoth a month ago for our annual summer vacation. What a great place. I wanted to share a surprise we came upon by accident. On our way back from Tioga Pass, where we had been hiking all day with the kids (at the junction of Tioga Pass and HWY395 just before Lee Vining) we pulled into to the Mobile Gas station for some gas and the kids were hunger and wanted a snack. Much to our surprise we came upon a fabulouse restaurant in the Mobile Mart Gas Station. The menu was extensive, the food was GREAT and the atmosphere was casual and very comfortable. There was indoor and outdoor seating. We sat outside and enjoyed the view and the kids got to run around on the grass. This is NOT your typical gas station, in fact it is far from it. Anyway, the place was packed obviously everyone else knew about this fantastic restaurant in the Mobile Mart . We also found out that they have live music on certain nights and as we had 4 days left of our vacation we decided to make the drive from Mammoth back to the Mobile Mart for diner the next night as the band would be playing. Well, it was worth the 30min drive from Mammoth to have great food (we think it is the best in Mammoth) , entertainment, a view and lots of room for the kids to run and play while my husband and I enjoyed a beautiful evening, wonderful food and great music. I'm getting ready to fix dinner at home and it reminded me of the wonderful experience we had at a gas station, the Mobile Mart Gas Station, and how I wished I could be there right now. I never would have guessed I'd be writing about a wonderful dining experience at a gas station, go figure. I guess small wonders never cease. If you go you will not be disappointed :)

Barbara Stanly (Los Angeles, CA)                                                    Summer 2008


2014-06-13McGee Creek Horseback Ride - Fond Memory

My experience with horse back riding in the high Sierras has been McGee Creek. It started off with taking my family on a 6 hour horseback ride. We rode through some beautiful meadows along side a rushing creek that one could easy fish for trout. Stopping to pick huckleberries along the way that were so good I wish I had collected enough for a pie. I found my self back in the saddle again at which time my rear had begin to grow more sore than one can describe. With my sore saddle  and a belly full of berries riding up switch backs at a 45degree angle on granite I was experiencing the hooves of my sure footed donkey slipping and sliding from time to time as we approached the summit of our ascent to the half way point of our ride. Reaching the top my vision exploded with turquoise blue water, green pines trees and cobalt blue sky. It was time to have lunch and try our luck at trout fishing in the lake. The golden trout were 6 -14inches long and refused to bite at anything on my line although they were happy to eat any of the bread crumbs that my daughters were throwing to them. Experiencing the wonderful views that the horseback ride had to offer, our guide herded us off to our horses to descend back down the mountain, finding us on the same trail being equally as exhilarated back down the switch backs next to the rushing creeks of melting snow water. We were soon back at the pack station but finding it difficult to get off my mule as my legs appeared to be permanently affixed to the saddle.  Finally I was off and needed to site on a log for 30 minutes to regain my land legs I strongly suggest for anyone else who is a novice at horse back riding to take the two hour horse back ride at McGee Creek. or if your dare do as I and go for the 6 hour experience, I remember it fondly.

Douglas Fried           Thousand Oaks ,CA                     Summer 2008


2014-06-13Hiking Poles. Way to go!

Just wanted to share  my story about hiking poles. I love to hike  and Mammoth Mountain is one of my favorite places to hike. For years I saw people using hiking poles and I would think what a waste of money, and what a gimmick. Well, I stand corrected. A friend of mine that came hiking with me on this particular trip insisted I try his poles. WOW! What a difference it make on our hike. I was sold on the poles. When we got back to the condo that evening I did some research on the web and figured out which poles I was going to check out. The next morning I stopped in at Kittridge sports and Footloose to see their selections and prices. Well, I ended up buying Leki, Antishock Summit Makalu. The Leki  came with a CD which was great and explained the history of the use of poles,and how to correctly use the poles. I could hardly wait to try my new poles out. Later that day I went on a hike which was fantastic as expected,the fall colors  everywhere and the cooler temperatures and my new poles that made my hike even more enjoyable then before and a lot easier on my knees. All I can say is if you have never tried hiking with poles use should consider it. Leki poles are the way to go for me.

Dave Brickenwood, San Diego , CA

2014-06-13The Cornice: My Mammoth Experience
                                                By Joe Yeates
For me, the love or maybe I should say the fear of skiing started in 1969 at Mammoth. 18 years old and fresh off my first time on skis at Mt. Baldy, where I had spent all day on the rope tow, left me feeling ready for more. My good friends and so called ski instructors decided that it was time for me to experience a real mountain called "Mammoth". Just the name alone sounded impressive but a bit scary. When we arrived that morning after driving all night we proceeded directly to the lift area. Wow, it was impressive and even a little overwhelming! I was loving this whole scene though. We purchased our lift tickets and set out for a day of skiing. My buddies, all of which had been skiing since they were children, said, "We feel that your first run should be a long one with some challenges so follow us and we'll take care of you. "As I followed them onto a ride I got inside something they called the gondola heading to "The Cornice."  I thought to myself, how lucky I am to have such good friends. After falling on the icy top of the cornice and sliding all the way to the base, I managed to make it to the bottom with the help of the Ski Patrol who commented, "This was one of the worst falls we have ever seen up here." My buddies, who were nowhere to be found, certainly had provided me with a lasting experience that morning!
After 40 more years of skiing Utah, Colorado and California I skied the Cornice at Mammoth last year for the second time.

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